Compatible Samsung R116 | MLT-R116 Drum Unit

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Backed by Our Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. Tested Thoroughly to Ensure Quality Performance and Reliability. Delivers the Same Page Yield and Print Quality as the Equivalent Original Cartridge.

More Information
Brand Brand : Samsung Samsung
Type Type : Compatible Compatible
Colour Colour : No Color No Color
Page Yield Page Yield : 9000 @ 5% coverage to all 9000 @ 5% coverage to all

Inksaver offers the best option if you want to avoid the kind of expenses often associated with the equivalent original toner cartridge without sacrificing print quality and page yield. The Compatible Samsung R116 | MLT-R116 Drum Unit provides the same quality and page yield as equivalent original toner cartridge. This Compatible Samsung R116 | MLT-R116 Drum Unit is manufactured under stringent quality standards and comes with Inksaver's One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means that you can be assured that it will deliver the quality you expect from your brother laser printer.

Compatible Printers


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SL-M 2620 D
SL-M 2620 ND
SL-M 2620 Series
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SL-M 2625 F
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SL-M 2625 Series
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Xpress M

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Xpress M 2820 ND
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Xpress M 2825 ND
Xpress M 2825 ND Premium Line
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Xpress M 2830 DW
Xpress M 2835 DW
Xpress M 2835 DW Premium Line
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Xpress M 2875 FD
Xpress M 2875 FD Premium Line
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Xpress M 2885
Xpress M 2885 FW
Xpress M 2885 FW Premium Line
Xpress M 2885 Series
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