Original Canon CL-441 High Yield Tri Colour Ink Cartridge

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Type Type : Original Original
Colour Colour : Color Color
Page Yield Page Yield : 400 @ 5% coverage to all 400 @ 5% coverage to all
Brand Brand : Canon Canon

This Original Canon CL-441 High Yield Tri Colour Ink Cartridge has been manufactured to the high standards that you can expect from Brother and with the assurance of the highest quality and backed with our One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be certain of getting the best quality toner cartridge for your Brother laser printer. This Original Canon CL-441 High Yield Tri Colour Ink Cartridge offers excellent printouts and exceptional page yields. When it comes to recognising the best toner cartridge for your printer Inksaver has years of experience. This Original Canon CL-441 High Yield Tri Colour Ink Cartridge meets our high standards of performance and quality.

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