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Troubleshooting Tips to Get Your Printer Printing After Cartridge Replacement

Many say that printers are not at all easy to use, but the reality is that printers are straightforward to use. Now many companies have launched various unique features that mad printing straightforward. Individual ink cartridges are used in four to six colors in Canon Pixma printers. You can buy a chip reset device online because cartridges feature a tiny microchip that needs to be reset when you refill them. Put newspapers or rags down before you start refilling ink cartridges to prevent ink from spilling all over your work surface. 

Take off the shielding tape.

When ink cartridges are shipped, the print nozzle is typically covered by a thin strip of protective tape. To stop the ink from leaking during storage or transportation, this tape covers the nozzle. The cartridge won't be able to print if the video isn't taken off. Search for the tape after removing the printer's cartridge. Depending on the cartridge model, its color may change. Keep all other labels and stickers on the cartridge in place. These keep the ink from drying out by sealing the cartridge. When the label is removed, the ink may quickly dry off. 

Ink cartridge counter reset

The new ink cartridge might not be recognized by your printer, or the printer ink counter might indicate that it is empty. A cartridge reset feature on many printers compels the device to identify the cartridge as new. For instance, hold down the "Cleaning" or "Load/Eject" buttons for three seconds to reset the cartridge on some Epson Stylus machines. Do not take the cartridge out of the printer; only lift the clamp holding it in place. Close the clamp and hit "Load/Eject" once more. To find out how to reset your printer, consult the user handbook that came with it. 

Conduct a longer cleaning cycle

Your ink cartridge's ink may have started to dry if it was stored for any period. An extended cleaning cycle may resolve the issue and assist the printer in identifying the cartridge. Look for a "Cleaning" button on your printer and press or hold it for a short time. To learn how to conduct a cleaning cycle on your printer, read the user manual. Print a test page when the cleaning procedure has finished seeing if the printer can resume printing.printer ink

Problems with Refilled Cartridges

You can save money by refilling ink cartridges, but refilled cartridges also come with a unique set of potential issues. The printer might not print if the cartridge is not properly inserted. When you fill a cartridge, the ink doesn't reach the bottom of the reservoir. Remove the cartridge to solve this issue, then use the exit hole to inject more ink into the sponge. Additionally, trapped air bubbles inside the cartridge can prevent ink from flowing. To give the bubble time to pop on its own, let the cartridge remain idle for about an hour. Remove the cartridge and gently tap it on a surface to release the bubble if the issue continues.

Communication errors are another common reason for inkjet printer issues. The same kinds of communication issues that affect conventional printers also affect inkjet printers. Therefore, turn off the printer and the PC to which it is connected if your printer is printing gibberish or nothing at all. Make that the printer is receiving electricity and that all cords are securely fastened. Restart the PC first, then the printer. This will typically resolve any communication issues that may be present. 

There is one more if you have exhausted all of these possibilities: your printer might be close to failure. As with all other machines, printers degrade over time, at which point you must decide whether to repair them or buy a new one. If you decide that replacement is the better course of action, you can choose the ideal new model for your requirements using a variety of available resources. Although buying a new printer will cost money upfront, you can eventually save money by switching to a model that is more suited to your printing needs.

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But always try turning off and then turning back on your printer and computer before you head to the store. Always remember that printers are easy to use, but ink and toner cartridges can create issues in your printer, so always buy good quality cartridges for your printer.