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How to Turn Off Epson Firmware Updates?

Epson provides firmware upgrades on a regular basis. The end-user receives no meaningful advantage from these upgrades, which are typically performed to disable third-party cartridges. Updates frequently cause problems with third-party products, Epson ink cartridges when the ink level is low, and occasionally even the entire printer.

Many people are not aware that it is possible to disable automatic updates for printers, even though they are usually set to receive them by default. However, what precisely are Epson automatic updates, and how do you turn them off? Let's look at it.

Software changes known as the firmware can improve or negatively impact your printer's functionality. Although you can manually download these updates from your printer, they are typically already enabled when you buy and set up the gadget.

Updates to the firmware can take place without the user's knowledge. This is a warning sign that your printer is receiving unsolicited updates if you start seeing error messages about broken or unrecognized cartridges.

Third-Party Cartridges And Why They Are Used?

Simply put, third-party ink cartridges are those that are made by a company other than the one that makes your printer. Third-party cartridges can have some negatives, such as decreased image quality, Epson printer ink refill, and printer incompatibility, which is why automatic updates might be problematic. Nevertheless, they are still widely used for a reason.

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The economic benefit of using a third-party ink cartridge is perhaps the biggest one. These inks are typically sold at a discount and are frequently available as refurbished or refillable options. By avoiding the pricey branded ink and sticking with less expensive, third-party cartridges, you can save a lot of money. 

Although the majority of firmware updates don't have an adverse effect on third-party cartridges, some do and can even break your printer. When there is a communication breakdown between the printer and the cartridge, this happens. Although there are steps you may take to restore your printer to its original, pre-updated settings or downgrade your software, it's simpler to merely prevent the issue from occurring in the first place.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that you refrain from updating the firmware on your printer if you are using an Epson printer ink cartridge from a third party. You should, at the very least, turn off automatic updates so that you have more control over any updates you decide to install.

Disable Updates For Windows

It is evident that automated updates have the potential to harm your Epson printer. You should think about removing these updates in order to maintain the freedom connected with utilizing third-party cartridges.

First, while installing the printer on a computer, avoid choosing "update" in order to disable updates on a Windows device. When installing the program on their computer, uncheck the box that says "Allow Windows Firewall to unblock EPSON utilities," and if other people are using your printer, tell them to do the same.

Once installation is complete, choose "Disable automatic checking" from the popup that appears. Once you've completed the "Windows taskbar," you won't need to do it again, but you will need to do it for every installation. Make sure that all Windows computers connected to the printer are set up properly, just like in step one.

It should be noted that more experienced users can disable Windows Firewall to prevent access to the "EventManager Application." You'll need to click the "unblock" button to permit system updates because the majority of correctly set firewalls treat them like viruses and attempt to block them. Ensure that "maintain blocking" is selected.

You can now remove the update from the computer system. 

The Windows taskbar update can be turned off in the lower right corner of the screen. To access the menu, right-click the target Epson printer's icon. From there, pick "software update settings" and "auto-update settings."

An additional window will open. Repeat this procedure on all Windows machines that have the printer software installed by selecting "never" here and clicking "apply." If the status monitor cannot be found, go to "device and printers," locate the printer, and choose "printer preferences." 

To access the software update option after opening the preference window, select the maintenance tab. The update check should then be launched after you click "system update." Do not apply any updates. Change the update checking interval to "never" by choosing "update settings" instead.

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Disable Updates For Mac

You can turn off the automatic check for or installation of updates in System Preferences > Software Update, enabling you to handle updates manually through the App Store. It will display a list of available updates, including the printer updates if you select "more" as opposed to just clicking the "update" button. Choose only the updates you actually want to install from this list; avoid selecting any printer updates. 


We hope that this informational blog helps you in solving your Epson firmware updates and gives you better know how to handle this issue with Windows and Mac. Epson's automated updates can cause issues for printers using external ink cartridges, but you can prevent a major hassle by simply turning them off. This is why it's crucial to follow the right procedures when configuring your printer to suit your unique requirements. Additionally, you have the option of rolling back your firmware to a version that works with your third-party ink cartridge. Updates to your printer's firmware do not improve its performance and may even damage it if it no longer works with third-party or refillable ink cartridges. We will meet you soon with another informational blog like this.