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How to Fix the Printer that Doesn't Recognize Canon Ink Cartridges 101

Today, working from home is in trend and people from all over the world prefer to work like that because of the comfort they feel at home. Now many companies have given the opportunity to work remotely to their employees.

One thing that is in priority for many people is that all the essentials should be available at home so that working becomes easier for them while staying at home. Laptops, computers, and printers are something that everybody needs, but what if you are facing some very common issues with your printer? There are numerous ways to resolve the issues which you face while printing, but not all printers work well. Today, you are at the right place to learn to fix printers that are not working with Canon ink cartridges. Printers can be fixed without any technical help as well. 

As a beginner with the knowledge of printers, sometimes we don’t use compatible or generic cartridges and non-original ink cartridges which affects badly to the printer and the printer is not able to recognize the ink cartridge.

Canon Ink

2 error messages that your printer must be showing while inserting the cartridge:

  1. The printer has detected the wrong/non-original cartridge.
  2. The cartridge of the printer is low/low ink.

Messages like these stop you from using the printer and printing the images. 

Fixing Guide

The first step you should take when you are dealing with the issue is - 

  • Firstly, remove the cartridge and reinsert it, if it will work.
  • Simply hold the stop button for around 5-7 seconds because the printer cartridge facility will stop and you can start printing again easily. 

Sometimes the ink cartridge is damaged and not working properly. Remove the cartridge and gently wipe the copper area of the cartridge to remove the uneven ink that is accumulated on the cartridge and stooping printer to work efficiently. One thing could be that you have already tried all the cartridges you have bought but they are not working, so maybe they are not real. If you are under warranty or under a money-back guarantee, you can go with that. Not all Canon printers have problems but different specifications need various knowledge to start. 

This is because it is difficult for the printer to read the reset "chip" information and requires the help of the user to reset the printer by holding down the stop button for about 8 seconds as described above. There are also Canon ink cartridges that are a direct copy of the original Canon ink differ from the remanufactured cartridges in that the "chip" is coated with the printer rather than the cartridge. Compatible Canon inks such as PGI440XL / CLI441XL and PGI470XL / CLI471XL have nothing to do with Canon but create cartridges that are much cheaper than Canon's original inks while maintaining the same quality. 

Internal Memory Reset Needed

Sometimes the major reason behind the ink cartridge not working is that the internal memory of the printer is out of memory and needs reset. The printer will automatically realize and notifies you of the condition. 


Inserting a color ink or toner cartridge into the wrong slot or buying the wrong cartridge model for your printer is a simple mistake. Also, if you accidentally purchase a maintenance item such as a drum or fuser instead of a toner cartridge and install it without toner, the printer will not work and you will need a new cartridge. Remove all cartridges from the printer and make sure they are in the correct color tray and that all the cartridges you need are present. If not, reinstall them, cycle the printers and reset the system.

How To Reset The Memory?

Remove your cartridge and replace it with the older one. Leave the printer for a few minutes.  Replace the cartridge with the new one. These two steps only sometimes resolve the issue and see if the printer now recognizes your new cartridges. However, if you`re still having problems with your printer, you can try using these steps and changing the Canon toner.

  • Remove the new cartridge. Store it in a clean and safe place to avoid damaging the cartridge and finish. Turn off the printer using the power switch. 
  • Unplug the printer on the wall. It is important to perform steps separately, as some printers are in sleep mode, and if you only turn off the power switch on the printer control panel. Leave the printer in this way for at least 15 minutes. Connect your printer again and insert a new cartridge 
  • Press the power button on the printer and it's good to go. 

So, this is what you can do to fix your printer and the printer will start recognizing the Ink Cartridges.